A/V Extenders

Video extenders are ideal tools for AV professionals who wish to extend standard and high-definition video with audio beyond the industry cabling standard. For businesses, the right extenders can be the perfect design accessory to outfit conference rooms, auditoriums, medical facilities, sports bars and retail environments. Extenders provide users with the ability to share and display their content using various types of video sources. Similarly, video extenders help homeowners build dynamic and impressive home theater systems.

Avenview offers an extensive line of effective and robust video extenders. In addition to providing cutting-edge technology and accessories, it is our mission to ensure that each customer is satisfied with our product. Our sales and technical department will provide efficient and cost-effective equipment to suit consumer needs, whether they require video extenders over CAT5/6 or extenders over fiber optic cable using DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI.

Find the right audio video extender for your needs by working with Avenview

Our research and development department is proficient in developing the right product for that unthinkable problem that seems too difficult to resolve. An extender is that piece of the puzzle which enables you to connect past and present technology. Find out more about our types of audio video extenders by reviewing our selection below. For additional help in securing the most suitable equipment for your business or home, contact Avenview today.


DisplayPort is a digital display interface which is currently being installed in new laptops, replacing older analog and digital connectors. The benefit is that DisplayPort is backward compatible, which allows connectivity to a variety of video and audio sources simultaneously onto display monitors. Avenview offers DisplayPort extenders that utilize fiber optic cables for allowing a much longer reach - up to 3,250 feet, or 1,000 meters - between source and display without signal degradation.

DVI Extenders

Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is designed to transmit uncompressed digital video and to also support analog video signals. The official DVI specification mandates that all DVI equipment must maintain a signal at 5 to 10 meters (32 feet) in length. This created an opportunity for Avenview to develop DVI Extenders which are used to connect digital and analog video sources to flat panel LCD monitors. These are widely used in airports, restaurants, hotels, schools, call centers and the military. Avenview offers DVI extenders that utilize fiber optic and UTP cables, which can extend from 150 feet to 3,300 feet.

HD/SD-SDI Extenders

Serial Digital Interface (SDI) cables, found in either the high-definition or standard-definition varieties, are popularly used by video professionals to transmit data in television broadcast studios. Our HD/SD-SDI extender is an ideal solution for professionals who need to transmit multi-rate SDI video along with embedded audio and metadata over great distances, offering cable equalization up to 1,000 feet.


HDMI Extenders

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a compact audio/video interface for transferring uncompressed digital audio/video data from a HDMI-compliant device to a compatible digital audio device, monitor, video projector and HD television, which can be found in professional and residential environments. These cords are specified to specific cable lengths from 1 meter to 15 meters. Since these cables are popular within the integration market to deliver high-definition signal to display equipment, we developed HDMI extenders that use fiber optic and UTP cables. We are thus able to offer users greater flexibility when arranging home theater systems or powering large commercial display signs for distances up to 330 feet with no signal degradation.

KVM Extenders

Businesses that wish to centralize the key computer control components - the keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) - in a single location can benefit from Avenview's KVM extenders. These items are the perfect accessory for customers building sophisticated computer rooms that must all be controlled from a single panel. Our extender can also support advanced smart functions.

Touch Screen Extenders

Touch screens are becoming the standard now in business and residential environments, since the creation of touch interactive phones and tablets. System designers are now standardizing their designs with touch screens of all sizes to control centralized computers in the equipment room. Businesses can maximize the reach of these devices with touch screen extenders from Avenview. These may be ideal for restaurants, hotels or other businesses that rely on touch screen devices to input or view information.

USB Extenders

Devices using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard are popular data storage units. With USB extenders from Avenview, users can connect USB devices and host computers across wider lengths. Our CAT5 extender can connect devices up to 200 feet apart.

VGA Extenders

Video Graphics Array (VGA) connectors are used in businesses and homes around the world mostly to connect computers to display monitors, but these types of cables also have a number of other applications. Our CAT5 VGA extenders maintain crisp resolution up to 1,900 x 1,200 even across distances of 1,000 feet. In addition to that, the installation requires no drivers or special training.