DVI over CAT5/6

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Deliver video content over long distances, with no degradation in signal strength, with the VGA extender systems from Avenview! Our VGA extender over CAT5 selections consist of both a transmitter and receiver, and with only one cost effective CAT-5e cable, you can extend VGA up to 1,000 feet (300 meters).

Using a CAT5 VGA extender (also known as a VGA to CAT5 video extender or a VGA extender) allows long distance transmission of VGA video beyond the A/V rack, covering distances up to 330 feet while still maintaining crisp, clear resolution up to 1,900 x 1,200. A VGA extender cable can also be used to extend VGA to cover additional distance up to 1,000 feet (300 meters)!

Using our Avenview VGA extenders is easy because it does not require any drivers or special training. Simply connect your CAT5 VGA extender to your video source, run the UTP cable to your required distance and connect it to the remote receiver that is connected to your video display. Our VGA extenders can maintain high resolutions without signal degradation and as an added benefit eliminate the need to use bulky video cables – great for any business or busy commercial area.

With built-in EQ and GAIN control, the transmission path of Avenview VGA extenders can be adjusted to adapt video bandwidth and cable quality, and the VGA RGB delay control [de-skew] function provides the compensation among R, G and B signals due to long transmission or through normal LAN cable.

A VGA extender over CAT5 is the perfect solution for applications with small or large scale digital signage. Adding an Avenview VGA switch also gives you the option of switching video from multiple video sources to one display device.

In addition to our top of the line VGA extenders, Avenview also carries other A/V splitter and extender options including, HDMI extender and DVI extender selections. Do you have any questions? We can help! Call us toll-free at 866-508-0269 and let us know what we can do for you.