Video Splitters

Video splitters, also known as distribution amplifiers and signal boosters, are used by professional audio video installers, digital media houses and big box stores to replicate a video source across multiple displays. That is why it is important for businesses and consumers to purchase reliable video splitters that can distribute video signals to multiple outlets across great distances with minimal degradation and maximum quality.

Businesses in a number of industries utilize video splitters. Casinos, for example, can use splitters to transmit a single video signal to a bank of viewing screens easily, ensuring convenient viewing for patrons who want to keep track of the latest races or gaming results.

The same is true for airports transmitting flight information, conference centers broadcasting lectures, or exhibitions and sports bars airing the big game across several screens on a busy night. Restaurants, hotels and gyms are just a few examples of other businesses that rely on splitters for broadcasting, and for the widest selection and best prices, these customers turn to Avenview.

Avenview offers an extensive line of effective and robust audio video splitters at competitive prices, providing customers with a one-stop location to secure a wide variety of quality products. Review our selection below to determine which splitters are best suited for your needs.

Find HDMI splitter amplifiers equipped with auto EDID, 3D and HDCP compliant

The compact high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is a widely used residential and commercial video standard. With its advanced technology, Avenview's HDMI splitter amplifiers are capable of supporting all of the market's equipment, even the ones with the newest features. It is an ideal solution for users who need video from 3D Blu-ray, cable boxes or gaming consoles to be distributed to several monitors; that can be achieved with our quality two- four- and eight-port HDMI splitters, both available in HDMI Straight through and Over Cat 5/6 UTP.

These splitters are customizable to fit any application, and can be cascaded to increase the specified reach. When buying from Avenview, customers receive HDMI splitter amplifiers that offer improved quality and extended scope. These sets feature equalization that offers maximum, full-HD video quality up to 65 meters or 200 feet over CAT5, reaching transmission distances often neglected by competing splitters.

Both video and audio are transmitted by our HDMI splitter amplifier sets, saving businesses and customers additional costs and consolidating wires into one convenient package. A single function switch allows users to choose between a PC or HDTV monitor display. Our splitters support HDTV resolutions 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i HD resolution, as well as PC resolutions up to Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array (WUXGA - 1920x1200 pixels). Contact Avenview today to learn more about our HDMI splitters and accompanying HDMI switches or components.

Find DVI splitters that support both PC and HDTV monitor displays

DVI splitters transmit video in the Digital Video Interface format from a single source to several display outputs. Avenview DVI splitters are available in two- or five-output options, but cascading capability allows users to share a single signal to even more video displays.

A single function switch allows users to choose PC or HDTV monitor display. Our splitters both support HDTV resolutions 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i HD resolution, as well as PC resolutions up to Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array (WUXGA - 1920x1200 pixels).

Distribute video to several display ports across long distances with HD/SD-SDI splitters

Avenview offers two HD/SD-SDI splitters. One of the splitters has four separately buffered outputs and the other with six outputs. These splitters duplicate and retransmit a single SD or HD-SDI signal to multiple ports quickly and easily, with minimal degradation. That is because our products feature re-clocking capabilities to limit noise, interference and decreased amplitude.