Tech Support

Avenview's technical support staff are always at your corner to ensure our products meet your requirement. Whether you need support with setting up Avenview products or troubleshooting your setup, Avenview's tech team are here to help you.

Start a Remote Session

To start a remote session with your Avenview Tech Support Agent:
1. Enter the 6-digit PIN code provided by your Support Agent and click Connect:


The PIN code you entered is invalid. Please try again.
Enter your 6-digit PIN code:

2. Click Run in the dialog boxes that follow.

Need Remote Session?

Just give us a call at 1-866-508-0269 and ask for Tech Support.

What To Expect?

Our Tech Support may ask following question(s) to ensure you receive best tech support.
1. What product you require assistance with?
2. What is your current setup?
3. When did you buy the product?
4. Where did you buy the product?
5. Was the device working before or is it (DOA) dead on arrival?
6. What is the sources and displays used?
7. What is the resolutions used?
8. Is there any patch panels/network switches/converters/adapters used in between our product and the display?