VGA Matrix

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Avenview carries VGA switch components for commercial, business, educational or even military use, including 4 port VGA and 8 port VGA component switches with audio.

A VGA switcher is an ideal method of switching video from multiple video sources to one display device. VGA video switch systems come in various sizes, including the 4 port and 8 port units mentioned above, and can be cascaded together for the ability to switch between many different VGA signals on just one video display monitor. Avenview VGA switch selections ensure that the re-transmitted video quality is guaranteed – up to 210 feet (65 meters) – with no image degradation. All switching is quickly and easily performed via push buttons mounted on the front of the VGA switch unit or via infrared remote control.

A VGA switch system is ideal for hotels, casinos, restaurants, classrooms, control rooms, conference rooms, remote monitoring, training facilities or wherever you need to switch between multiple video sources. Professionals, students, security and video enthusiasts alike can all take advantage of the great features and benefits that VGA switches offer.

In addition to our VGA switch selections, we also carry VGA extender cables and VGA matrix switcher options. A VGA matrix switcher enables multiple video inputs AND multiple video outputs. Any one of the inputs can be broadcasted to any or all of the outputs without introducing noticeable video quality distortion. In addition to VGA video, our VGA matrix switch is compatible with PCs and Mac computers.

With our extensive variety of VGA switches, audio video converters, HDMI and DVI extender options and A/V splitter selections, we can help you achieve your goals in nearly every aspect of audio video. Feel free to call us toll-free at 866-508-0269 or live chat online now for instant answers to all your audio video questions. We are dedicated to offering the most cost effective and innovative computer signal connectivity product solutions for you.