Video Matrix Switches

Video switchers allow users to connect several video sources simultaneously to a single video display, and then switch between each video source at their convenience. These devices have utility in residential and commercial settings, saving users the hassle of removing and reconnecting cords each time they need to switch a video source.

Video switchers can be the perfect solution for homeowners who wish to design a dynamic home theater system - complete with multiple gaming consoles, PCs and DVD or Blu-Ray players connected to a single television - and switch between each video source easily. Sources can be switched with a single click of a button, making it kid-friendly and helping parents avoid any extra work.

Switchers can also be utilized in a number of business settings, from conference rooms, control rooms and business centers to restaurants, bars and gyms. Hotels, training facilities, classrooms, casinos and security rooms can all be equipped with video switchers to display multiple video feeds concurrently wherever necessary.

Avenview offers high-quality switches in several different formats including, HDMI matrix switches and VGA switches, among others. Read below to learn more about the benefits of each and to find the right Avenview audio video switches for your needs.

HDMI matrix switches offer more video outputs and inputs

For a cost-effective way to simultaneously route high-definition video and multichannel audio from a variety of sources to several displays, customers turn to Avenview's selection of quality HDMI matrix switches. Video and audio is transmitted through CAT5/5e/6 LAN cables, and users can select which video source to display with a single push of a button on an IR remote control or RS-232 control.

Avenview offers both a 4x4 and an 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher, each with the same number of receivers and 3D support. Our HDMI switchers are HDMI 1.3c compliant and HDCP compliant, supporting video resolutions 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p, and offer stereo digital audio and surround sound audio up to 7.1 channels.

With HDMI matrix switches, users can connect several inputs and multiple outputs, providing the perfect solution for businesses that require extensive broadcasting capabilities to a number of display units. Standard HDMI switches may be best suited for residential or commercial settings in which only one HD display is being used.

VGA switches enable easy switching from multiple sources to a single display

Avenview also offers customers affordable, robust VGA switch components that perfectly switch the desired input to the appropriate monitor or receiver. Our VGA switches are available in four and eight-port options, and both support VGA or component video up to 350MHz. 1080p60 HD video and WUXGA (1920x1200@60) video are supported with each product. Users can easily switch between inputs with the IR remote, front panel push button or rear panel RS-232 control.

For maximum reach, users can cascade each product to switch between even more VGA signals connected to a single receiver. Avenview VGA switches are the perfect complement to our selection of VGA extenders and VGA matrix switches, the latter of which offers multiple video inputs and outputs.

Our 5 In 5 Out VGA Matrix Switch with Audio and Ethernet Support receives 5 VGA inputs and transmits video to just as many outputs, enabling easy switching with minimal distortion. Competing products cannot match the convenience and cost of our VGA matrix switcher, and its enabled audio matrix capability means easier audio switching in larger settings such as boardrooms, showrooms or exhibition halls.